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Our People
  • Maxx Ng'ang'a Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Maxx Ng'ang'a

    Co-Founder & CEO


    Maxx drives the strategic vision and growth for Base Concepts, evangelizing the promise of creating durable relationships between brands and consumers. As CEO he brings a unique blend of business acumen, technology prowess and high-level commitment to client relationships. Every day he works hard to ensure the agency delivers exceptional brand experiences (the work), exceptional client experiences and exceptional employee experiences. As a result, over the last year Base Concepts has grown nearly 200% in size and revenue. He is a Certified Zend Engineer and is ITIL Certified

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  • Suzan Kaka Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

    Suzan Kaka

    Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer


    Suzan is the Base Concept's Creative force. With a keen eye for detail Suzan has in the last 2 years transformed brands in the most creative, effective and magically unexpected ways. As CCO and Co-Founder of Base Concepts, Suzan leads a world-class team that works everyday to drive the industry forward and deliver creative ideas that help brands sprint past their competition. She was the driving force behind the full brand concept of one of our major clients, Delight Cabs. Suzan has a keen interest in Spatial Branding, a fact well illustrated by her team's amazing designs over the last two years.

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  • E. Kaka Kamau Co-Founder & Chief Legal Officer

    E. Kaka Kamau

    Chief Legal Officer


    With over 10-plus years as an Advocate of the High Court and part of the Founding Team , Kaka is the legal brain behind Base Concepts. He provides legal advisory and interpretation services to the management and board of Base Concepts Ltd to ensure statutory compliance with existing law and regulatory requirements. He also ensures that our clients receive Legal Counsel in regards to their Copyright and Advertising endeavors. 

  • Yohana Ivongo Creative Officer

    Yohana Ivongo

    Chief Technical Officer


    Yohana is our Chief Technical officer and is tasked with maintaining the company’s technical vision in all aspects of technology development, according to our strategic direction and growth objectives. He also leads the strategy for technology platforms, partnerships and external relationships as well as building and managing the technology team. Yohana oversees research and development as well as special projects. 

  • William Kamau Chief Web Officer

    William Kamau

    Chief Web Officer


    William is responsible for Base Concept's Web Design Strategy. In close partnership with the Group CEO, william drives all web related activities at Base Concepts. He is tasked with allocating all internal and external resources to ensure successful implementation of all web design projects. Through our subsidiary Creative Junk, William is responsible for identifying and developing and driving sales strategies, systems and processes to support significant and sustainable growth while achieving the company’s web customer acquisition and sales/revenue goals.

    He brings on board tremendous clout with a Degree in Computer Science and over 5 years experience in Web Design. 


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